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Compare Campervan Hire in Wellington

By hiring a campervan, motorhome or 4×4 camper in Wellington for your next vacation, you will be able to experience what a true vacation really is. Relaxing in nature, driving around the city, and anything else you can think of doing with a car and hotel. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a campervan is that you will never have to be tied to one place and allow yourself to go where ever your vacation wishes to take you. When you choose campervan, motorhome or 4×4 camper rental in Wellington, you are choosing the freedom to vacation how you want without the limitations any other accommodations will have along with your stay.

When you reserve your campervan rental in Wellington, you will want to make a couple of decisions before completing your reservation. You should first decide how many people are going with you on your trip to Wellington as sizes vary with every campervan. As you look at each recreational vehicle you will want to note the berth of the campervan as it will tell you how many people can join you in each of your options. Choosing the proper size campervan for your trip is important to ensure that everyone is comfortable throughout your vacation. You should also look into the add-ons that you can add to your reservation as well since some of the additional amenities that you may be offered can save you money on your trip. Things such as extra propane tanks, a grill, microwave, and more can ensure you will spend your vacation money where you want and not simply on eating out.


Located on the northern island of New Zealand, Wellington is the capital and second most populated city in all of New Zealand. Comprised of Urban, suburban, and surrounded by rural areas. Wellington is a huge attraction for those who wish to travel and experience a variety of new things. In 2011, Wellington was said to be the “coolest little capital in the world”, and landed on the top 10 list of places to visit. Wellington really does live and breathe with locals going about their day to day lives, schools, work, business opportunities, conventions and conferences, and various other events. Not only will you see that the residents of Wellington enjoy living here, you will certainly enjoy visiting all of the attractions and enjoying the variety of events available.


You will find many things to do while enjoying your campervan hire Wellington to keep you busy throughout your vacation. One of the biggest suggestions for anyone who is looking to truly explore Wellington is to visit the National Museum of Te Papa to learn not only about the culture, but the geology and social history of Wellington. Another fun activity you can add to your list is climbing and hiking to the top of Mount Victoria where you can see a full view of the city and its surroundings. Or maybe you would rather visit various wildlife at the zoos and sanctuaries. You also find numerous festivals, plays, musicals, ballets, sporting events, and more to keep your trip lively.

Other things that you should plan to do while in Wellington include visiting the Carter Observatory and enjoying the stars, checking out the concerts that are showing in town, looking into the ballet, musicals, and other events that are happening around the time of your trip. There is so much to do in Wellington to keep you from becoming bored on your vacation. And if for any reason you feel your vacation is becoming a little stale, you can find a multitude of itineraries at the visitor welcoming center and on the city’s website.


Wellington, New Zealand
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

This marine area is a great place to visit any time of the year, as there are an endless number of activities that you can enjoy while visiting this wonderful city. People have said that the best time to visit is November to April due to the rain fall that can be found in the area. You will also find that no matter what you are planning, the weather can be easily worked around depending on pre-scheduled plans. Keep in mind that winter here is very cold and you will need to remember a jacket to avoid freezing due to the southerly winds.


There are a few places you can stay in Wellington when you hire a campervan that will allow you to relax for a while and get your much needed rest. Te Papa has a carpark where they allow campervans overnight, and Wellington Waterfront also offers overnight parking with use of their facilities. Other places you can stay with your camper van include Hutt Motor Camp and Capital Gateway Motor Inn as out of town options as Wellington tows anything that is parked on the street.


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